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The Prospectus contains detailed information about Arcadia, its business and the offer, as well as the risks of investing in Arcadia.  You are encouraged to read the prospectus carefully.

Who is Arcadia Minerals?

Arcadia is a Guernsey domiciled exploration company created for the purposes of acquiring interests in four exploration projects located in Namibia and, following listing, to continue building value through ongoing exploration and further studies. The prospectus contained in the link above is issued for the purpose of supporting an application to list Arcadia on the ASX. The prospectus contains detailed information about the company, the projects and the Offers (described below), as well as the risks of investing in the Company, and we encourage you to read it carefully.

The prospectus is for an offer of a minimum of 29,500,000 CDIs and a maximum of 32,000,000 CDIs at an issue price of $0.20 per CDI to raise between $5,900,000 and $6,400,000. The prospectus is also being issued for secondary offers of up to 45,000,000 CDIs and up to 8,550,000 performance shares to the vendors of the projects in consideration for the acquisition of the four projects, up to 5,000,000 CDIs to creditors of the project companies in consideration for the extinguishment of loans, up to 4,500,000 lead manager options to CPS Capital in part consideration for the provision of lead manager services; and up to 500,000 options to Raubex Australia for its role as a cornerstone investor.

Ranked in order of development stage, the projects include:

the Swanson Project – prospective for tantalum and lithium;
the Kum-Kum Project – prospective for nickel, copper and platinum group elements;
the Karibib Project – prospective for copper and gold; and
the Bitterwasser Project – prospective for lithium-in-brines and lithium-in-clays.

Upon listing on ASX, Arcadia’s primary focus will be continued exploration of the Swanson Project, including completion of a feasibility study. The Company also plans to advance the exploration of the Kum-Kum, Karibib and Bitterwasser Projects and seek to investigate additional exploration opportunities within Namibia which may present themselves from time to time. Funds raised will be used for ongoing drilling, geophysics, geochemistry, feasibility studies, working capital and costs of the offers.

The board of Arcadia has significant expertise and experience in the exploration industry and will aim to ensure that funds raised through the public offer will be utilised in a cost-effective manner to advance the Arcadia’s business strategies.

ASX listing

The company intends to apply to the ASX for approval to list its securities on the ASX, following an initial public offering, details of which are set out in a prospectus (link above). Following listing Arcadia’s main focus will be to continue exploring the Swanson Project and to complete a feasibility study on this project.  The Company will also advance exploration at its Kum-Kum, Karibib and Bitterwasser Projects for metals consumed by the emerging renewables market.

Indicative timeline

Lodgement of Prospectus with the ASIC
Exposure Period begins
Lodgement of this Replacement Prospectus
Opening Date of the Offers
Closing Date of the Offers
Completion of the Acquisitions
Issue of Securities under the Offers
Despatch of holding statements
Expected date for quotation on ASX
31 March 2021
31 March 2021
15 April 2021
16 April 2021
19 May 2021
26 May 2021
26May 2021
26May 2021
14 June 2021

Note: The above dates are indicative only and may change without notice.


(in order of development)

Swanson Project

Orange River Pegmatite (Pty) Ltd (ORP) is a Namibian registered company and owner of an Exclusive Prospecting Licence (EPL 5047) located in the Karas Region in the southern part of Namibia, some 15 km north of the Orange River. EPL 5047 is situated in a mountainous desert setting with reasonable road access and is characterised by a complex geological and structural setting with good mineralisation potential amplified in the presence of large shear zones (Tantalite Valley Shear Zone) and a neighbouring intrusive mafic-ultramafic body with appreciable Cu and Ni mineralisation. A large number of well-mineralized pegmatites are also present on the property and the potential of these occurrences is highlighted by extensive, small-scale mining activities where tantalum, beryl and spodumene were extracted from these pegmatites. The name Tantalite Valley is also indicative of the extent of mineralization. An active tantalite
mining operation owned by Kazera Global PLC (AIM Listed) is present at the Mining Licence 77 within the boundaries of EPL 5047.

Kum-Kum Project

The Nickel–Copper-Platinum Group Elements (PGE) sulphide mineralisation of the mafic-ultramafic Kum Kum Intrusive Suite of Orange River Pegmatite (Pty) Ltd (ORP) is accommodated in two project areas. The Kum-Kum Suite area that comprises two Exclusive Prospecting Licences (EPLs), EPL 6940 and EPL 7295, and the Tantalite Valley Igneous Complex mafic and ultramafic mineralisation area, covered by the third EPL, EPL 5047, to the west of the Kum Kum Intrusive Suite. EPL 5047 covers the Swanson Tantalum Project as well as the Tantalite Valley Igneous Complex. The Swanson Project tantalum prospect at EPL 5047 is a separate project and does not form part of the base metal projects of ORP and is therefore not covered in this report. These ORP licences are all situated in southern Namibia, near the South African border, with the Kum-Kum Project located approximately 15 km north of the Orange River and 100 km south of the nearest significant town, Karasburg and the Tantalite Valley Igneous Complex some 20 km to the west-northwest of Kum-Kum. The EPLs comprise an area of approximately 78,761 hectares in extent and fall within the Karas Region of Southern Namibia.

Karibib Project

The Karibib Project is owned by Goas Pegmatite Exploration (Pty) Ltd (Goas) through its Exclusive Prospecting License, EPL 4663 which covers some 40 986 ha in the Erongo District in central Namibia. The EPL is located approximately 45 km south of the town of Karibib, 135 km west north-west of the capital Windhoek and approximately 130 km east north-east of Namibia’s port-town of Walvis Bay. EPL 4663 is located 26km south of the active Navachab Gold Mine owned by QKR Namibia Ltd and 50km south of the significant Twin Hills Au discoveries made by Canadian listed Osino Resources Ltd in 2019.

Bitterwasser Project

Brines Mining Exploration Namibia (Pty) Ltd (BME) is a Namibian registered company and owner of Exclusive Prospecting Licenses (EPLs) covering the Bitterwasser Project located in the Hardap Region in the southern- central part of Namibia, approximately 190 km south southeast of the capital Windhoek. The Bitterwasser Project is comprised of four exclusive exploration licenses, EPLs 7614, 8101, 8102, 8103 all held by BME, and EPL 8104 which is shortly to be transferred to BME by Mr Lisias Pius, a director of BME, at no cost after the approval of an application to transfer the license has been approved by the Ministry of Mines and Energy (“MME”). Together with EPL 8104 the project covers a total area of 343,894 hectares.

Registered Office

Registered office in Australia and Local Agent address

108 Outram Street

Telephone: +61 8 6158 9990


Registered office in Guernsey

Oak House, Hirzel Street
ST PETER PORT, GY1 3RH, Guernsey

Share Registry

Automic Registry Services
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267 St Georges Terrace
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Telephone: +61 1300 288 664